Services we offer

Maximum Medical carries and fits a variety of spinal, knee, foot and ankle, shoulder, hand and wrist braces to provide support, strengthening and healing of the area after injury or surgery.  These braces are measured, fit, adjusted and instructed on by professional fitters with specialized training.

Upper and Lower Extremity Orthoses (Braces)

  • Unloading Arthritis Knee Braces

  • Functional and Sports Knee Braces

  • Hinged Knee Braces

  • Spinal Braces (Neck and Low Back)

  • Shoulder Slings and Immobilizers

  • Hand and Wrist Orthoses

  • Walker Boots

  • Functional and Post-Op Ankle Braces

Off-the-Shelf, Custom-Fit and Custom Fabricated Orthoses